The Dry July diaries - Part 1

This month in Australia marks an annual fundraising event called Dry July.

Each year since 2008, participants have registered, and friends, strangers, family, and colleagues have 'sponsored' them to give up alcohol for the month. Aside from the health benefits, any money they raise goes to Australian cancer charities to support people with cancer and their families and carers. This year, over 30 charities (and more importantly, those they care for) will benefit.

I’m participating in memory of my mum this year, and any funds I raise are going to Bowel Cancer Australia.
Because I don’t drink much alcohol in the first place, I’ve decided to forego all food and drink containing added sugars instead.

Yesterday, to start the month off, I pushed all of the foods with 'sugar' in their ingredient lists to the back of the pantry (there were many of them — I was surprised that even the plainest breakfast cereals contained sugar). I also changed my pending supermarket grocery order to delete such products.

I have a little wriggle room in that I am consuming sugars that naturally occur in fruit, vegetables, and dairy. I am also eating products with 'no added sugar' but am carefully selecting the ones that won’t give me a sugar high!

The last time I did this (about six years ago), it kicked off some weight loss for me, but the opportunity to raise money for a cause close to my heart is by far the best part about it.

If you’d like to sponsor me, please visit

Thank you!

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